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New: TACD policy on use of technologies in financial services

Today, TACD publishes a new resolution on fintechs. Nowadays, use of technology in financial transactions (or fintech for short) has become an everyday part of most consumers’ lives. However, what can be said about the way that the fintech industry is regulated and how, if at all, are consumers protected? In addressing these questions TACD’s …

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Apps rated appropriate for kids are actually manipulating them

By David Monahan, Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood and Jeffrey Chester, Center for Digital Democracy The digital revolution is happening so fast. With little regard for the consequences, Big Tech has convinced parents to put screen devices in the hands of children at ever younger ages. But let’s say you’re a conscientious parent of a …

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Closed-door discussions to filter the internet continue

By Diego Naranjo Diego Naranjo is a Senior Policy Advisor at European Digital Rights (EDRi). He advocates for the protection of citizens’ fundamental rights and freedoms online in the fields of data protection, surveillance and copyright. In the past, Diego gained experience in the International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia, the EU Fundamental Rights Agency …

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New Policy Resolution on delinking incentives to invest in biomedical R&D from the prices of products and services

Today, TACD publishes a new resolution on delinking the incentives to invest in biomedical R&D from the prices of products and services. There is a disconnect between incentives to stimulate biomedical innovation and the need for affordable access to new technologies. Incentives are often based upon the grant of private monopolies on inventions and products, …

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Trade is on everyone’s mind – it should be on NCD advocates’ minds too

By George Thurley George joined the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) in March 2017. He works to promote Trade for Health, especially focussed on NCDs. George has experience working to create positive change in European Union policy, having previously worked as a project officer on environmental and trade issues, and as a campaigner on resource …

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